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Classic Destinations


From the moment you arrive in Puglia, you will say “Oh, now THAT'S Italian!” For example, the food is distinctly traditional Italian cuisine. Handmade pasta, locally-produced olive oil, freshly-caught seafood, and the smell of freshly-baked bread in every town. Then there are the footprints of an endless procession of conquerors and cultures to follow, the ancient towns drenched in history, and most of all the slow pace of life. Long siestas are the norm in this part of the world. English-speaking locals are hard to find. Elderly grandmothers gossip on street corners while their husbands play cards. Many of the tourists are Italians from other parts of the country!


But it's perhaps outside of its cities that Puglia shines brightest. From the ancient Forest of Umbra to the fruitful Valle d'Itria and sun-baked Salento, Puglia's countryside has always been its foundation. There are numerous beaches along the olive-green seas. You can stay overnight in a “trulli”, an ancient stone hut with a distinctive conical roof. A wedding in Puglia will be tranquil, low-key, and authentic. Autumn is the best time of year to plan your wedding.

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