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Finding Your Dream Venue

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Italy is a land of vast lakes, seasides, mountains, volcanoes, and Mediterranean islands, rich in exclusive and charming locations, but it is so much more. This peninsula of European soil has fantastic history, culture, and arts. From the moment you step onto Italian soil, you can feel the passion and the past that have created this unique and special place on Earth.

Our planners will carefully select the finest choices of venues for your wedding based on what you want and need from over 500 locations in Italy. We have established relationships with vendors so you can capitalize on the products and services best suited for your ceremony.

Our connections will allow you to relax and enjoy, knowing you are in capable and caring hands that work tirelessly to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most importantly, you will have a native English speaker with you through the entire journey.

Anywhere InItaly

Choose from our classic destinations or discover some of our best-kept secret locations

Classic Destinations


Best-Kept Secrets

Le Marche 4.jpg
Le Marche
Italian Islands
Dolomites 2.jpg
Forte dei Marmi
Ferrara 4.jpg
Emilia Romagna
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